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Cartoons & Humour

Alan Moir , Australia
Alan is available for humorous after-dinner talks on Canberra politics, illustrated with live drawing of cartoons and caricatures. .Links
e-mail: Alan Moir
Art by Shannon, USA
Illustrating you through cartoons, humorous illustrations and creative brainstorming.Links
e-mail: Shannon Parish
Baha Boukhari, Palestina
The first Palestinian political & editorial cartoons site.Links
e-mail: Baha Boukhari
CartoonistsIndia, India
National Level Organisation of Cartoonists. Links
Daryl Cagle, US
The most popular political cartoons site on the web with
e-mail: Daryl Cagle
Dibujos Para Pintar, Spain
A collection of draws, ilustrations, grafics, logos to paint. Black and white arranged Prints in categories. Links
e-mail: Daniel
FanoFunny, Italy
Site for international exhibitions, Events, Contests, Links, Specials, News and much more related to cartoons and caricatures. One of the greatest gallery of cartoons from all the world.Links
e-mail: Cartoonists and Organizers

Galicia, Spain
Caricatures, Cartoons, Short Animations and Character Designers from Gogue Profesional Caricaturist in various Newspapers and Magazines over the World, Links
E-Mail: Angel Rodriguez (Gogue)


Hall Ed, USA
Working for a group of weekly papers in Northeast Florida, his work has been featured in The Washington Post Weekly Edition.Links
e-mail: Hall Ed

Humor Links, Hong Kong
Not only for Cartoons and Comics but a detailed International Comedy Search &
Indian Links
e-mail: Warwick Evans
Jaal, India
Premier source of on line humour with exclusive articles, satire, cartoons and a comprehensive directory of Indian jokes.Links
e-mail: Anirudh Bhattacharya
Jeff Swenson, USA
Jeff Swenson runs Swenson Funnies Online, homesite for USA cartooning which is updated weekly.Links
e-mail: Jeff Swenson
Marsden Ian David, USA
He has drawn for MAD magazine and The New Yorker. He is creating content and web-based animation projects in Flash and Shockwave. Cartoonist's Directory
e-mail: Marsden Ian David

Marty Bucella, USA
Cartoonist Humorous Illustrator. Cartoons on all your favorite subjects. Links
e-mail: Marty Bucella

Melvin Durai, USA
U.S.-based an Indian humorist who writes on American and Indian topics. Links
e-mail: Melvin Durai
Mike Baldwin, Canada
Offbeat hilarious daily color cartoon panel (syndicated by Universal Press Syndicate). Cornered animations and slide shows. Links
e-mail: Mike Baldwin
Palnik Paul , USA
Having worked with the Jerusalem Post, Israel, his work is represented in international Museum of Cartoon Art in Boca Raton, Florida and the Ohio state University Cartoon Research Library, Wexner, Center in Columbs, Ohio. Links
e-mail : Palnik Paul
Stavro Jabra, Lebanon
The first on-line cartoons, humour,satire and illustrations site in Lebanon. Regularly updated and archived collection. Links
e-mail: Stavro
Stu’s Comic Strip Connection, USA
Comprehensive listing of online comic strips and related sites. Dozens of cartoonists’ work on viewable comics pages.Links
e-mail: Malcolm Rees
Trenholm Zach, USA
Famous American caricaturist, his clients include Salon Internet, Entertainment Weekly, Newsweek, Washington Post, San Francisco Chronicle, Wall Street Journal, TV Guide etc. Links
e-mail: Trenholm Zach
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