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News:KBK passes away
KBK (1928-2003)

Pioneer News Service [SATURDAY, Apr 26, 2003] Delhi: Pioneer in graphic journalism, Kul Bhushan Kumar, popularly known as KBK, died here on Saturday at AIIMS after a brief illness. He was 75. He is survived by wife Adarsh, daughter Meenakshi and son Vijay Kumar who now runs the KBK Graphics. KBK started his career 50 years ago after being uprooted from Lahore during partition. He pioneered the concept of news graphics in the media with foresight and ingle-handedly ventured to popularise the importance of graphics in news dissemination both in India and abroad. Five decades later, graphics news has become the pivot of both the print and electronic media. Today, KBK News Service has grown manifold into a premier news service and is utilised in most media organisations across the country and abroad. With time, KBK kept pace with the challenges thrown up by the foreign media, and sought to better all that was available abroad in the Indian media. The KBK flagship has stayed on course with the myriad patronage of well wishers.

Remembering KBK (condolence messages)

Ravi Shankar Prasad
(I&B Minister)

The void created by him would be difficult to fill. Kumar was a pioneer to develop the concept of news graphics in India and was founder of the leading news graphics agency.
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